Endosomatic Systems Inc.

Endosomatic Systems, based in Davis, CA, specializes in the creation of in vitro monitoring devices with emphasis on high fidelity, high complexity wireless data transmission

The company is currently in a research and development stage of their product lines. The implants are designed 1) to be placed within an organism for long periods of time, and 2) to wirelessly transmit data without alerting the organism and therefore compromising the integrity of the data.

Their EndoGearTM  system is fully implantable and measures blood flow, blood pressure, and heart rate. It is the only biotelemetry system that has bidirectional information flow and allows one to edit system parameters and activate components after it has been implanted. An implantable bolus injector is also available that can be activated remotely.

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Soma Technology

Soma Technology specializes in the sale of medical equipment for use in hospitals and other medical institutions.  Equipment sold by Soma Technology is designed to gather biotelemetry outside of the body, with no need for implants. The market for their equipment may be relatively limited, since their technology is bulky and expensive, though it is designed to be used in hospital rooms and remain there. 

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Lotek specializes in biotelemetry used for ecological studies and preservations. They create in vitro biotelemetric devices to track animals and to help researchers who use them to better understand how human intrusion into animals' natural habitats affects their behavioral patterns and life cycles. Their technology primarily revolves around long range tracking for the natural world.  The implication of this, however, is that they can only send and receive relatively simple data from their implants. 

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Vemco specializes in the creation of underwater acoustic tracking devices for use in marine and freshwater animals. Vemco's devices primarily utilize sonic pings to give location of tagged specimens. However, they also can transmit temperature and depth data to stationary buoys or boats. They also offer a high level of customization for their products depending on the specifications provided by their customers. With their primary market being researchers across the world, Vemco sells to researchers and universities in 50 nations.

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Departments of Biomedical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering -- University of California, Davis

The UC Davis departments of Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering are at the cutting edge of research and development in the field of biotelemetry. Bioengineers develop medicines and conduct animal studies, while electrical engineers design and fabricate sensors.

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Biotelemetry Laboratory, Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology -- University of California, Davis

The Biotelemetry Laboratory works to create and implement long range tracking devices to better understand physiological, behavioral, and ecological factors in different species/ecologies. They work across the world, in varying locations, from Panama to the Galapagos.  This laboratory utilizes devices from Vemco and Lotek.

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