The Purpose of Biotelemetry

Biotelemetry is a field that is undergoing rapid growth and expansion, as its utility in modern medicine and other disciplines is being recognized. It consists of two distinct parts: measurement of data and delivery of data. The reader can visit the history page for a description of how the methods of measurement and transmission have evolved over the years to meet a diverse group of needs. On the measurement end, external or implantable monitors are used depending on the application. Information can be transmitted over long distances or to a close-by hub that relays the information to its destination. 

Biotelemetry is a more suitable alternative to many current systems being used for these tasks because it:

  • Allows for greater range of transmission of data
  • Lets distant parties gain access to data faster
  • Allows the subject a greater range of mobility (see NASA video on the history page)
  • Often preserves the fidelity of information better than long distance hard-wiring which is subject to significantly more wear-and-tear
  • Eliminates "exit wounds" by removing the need for wires that break the surface of the  skin; this prevents possible infection and inflammation that compromise data integrity
  • Removes variability from data by limiting undue interaction with subject
  • Allows 24-hour monitoring of subject irrespective of its location
  • Lets the subject behave as it normally would.
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